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Doug Blair

Doug Blair is the President of RIAS Inc. and acts as general manager for consulting assignments by the firm. He is an economist with over 30 years of experience in the design, conduct and management of applied research and analysis of regulatory issues, regulatory policy and process, economic impact assessment and cost-benefit analysis. For 20 years, Mr. Blair has managed many large, complex projects and teams of experts on a range of regulatory topics.

James K. Martin, PhD

Dr. Martin is a highly focused professional with 26 years of senior executive experience in several federal departments and central agencies. As former Chair of the OECD Regulatory Reform and Management Working Group, and responsible for overseeing the Government of Canada’s regulatory process, he has been at the forefront world-wide in managing the interaction between law and the economy. Jim has a successful track record in providing consulting services in the areas of regulatory reform, managing regulatory programs, regulatory impact analysis, and international regulatory cooperation, including the critical review of proposed government policy and regulations.

Bill Hingston

Bill Hingston, who is fluently bilingual, has worked in the Privy Council, Treasury Board and Foreign Affairs, has consulted on regulatory issues and has carried out program evaluations. In the Privy Council, he managed the introduction of a new Cabinet decision-making process, and authored the Drafter’s Guide to the Memorandum to Cabinet. At Treasury Board, he handled the development of the government’s Regulatory Policy and piloted the government-wide Regulatory Review. As a regulatory consultant, he authored the Guide to the Regulatory Process for PCO, and co-wrote: a study on Canada/US regulatory cooperation; a publication on responsible regulation (for industry and government); and reports on regulatory disincentives to investment in Canada’s therapeutic product and chemical sectors. He managed evaluations of UN, Health Canada, and Foreign Affairs’ programs and has collaborated on evaluations for Fisheries and Oceans, Industry Canada, Citizenship and Immigration, and the Government of Ontario.


Senior Advisors

Derek Ireland, PhD

Dr. Ireland has 40 years of experience as an economist in the Canadian public and private sectors, including seventeen years as a private consultant. He has extensive experience in a wide range of economic research and policy fields: competition law, intellectual property rights, corporate, securities and bankruptcy law; governance and capacity building; federal-provincial relations in Canada and other countries; trade, investment and innovation policies; industrial, private enterprise and small business development; regional and urban development and poverty; tourism strategies and feasibility studies; human resource development; the environment/sustainable development, and economic development in countries with emerging market economies.

Peter Brackenridge

Peter Brackenridge specializes in regulatory policy development, strategic planning, governance, capacity assessment, and performance measurement in the regulatory sector.  During a distinguished career of 33+ years in the federal Public Service, Mr. Brackenridge occupied a variety of Senior Executive positions with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (including Vice-President, Programs, and Vice-President, Operations), and  Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Peter’s management focus related primarily to food, animal health and plant protection regulatory inspection programs as applied to agri-food and fish commodities.  He has extensive experience in federal-provincial relations, and international liaison and negotiations.

Tom Richardson, PhD

Dr. Richardson has 34 years of federal government experience including 10 years at Treasury Board in energy, natural resources and Crown Corporations management and budgeting. In his 13 years at AAFC he held several senior positions in the Policy Branch including acting ADM. He has extensive and in-depth knowledge of fed/provincial decision-making, and was a key player in the development of the 5-year multi-billion dollar fed/provincial Agricultural Policy Framework agreement (APF).

Ronald Doering

Dr. Ronald L. Doering, BA, LL.B, MA, LL.D, is a past president of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Ron has broad experience in administrative law and practise, Aboriginal law and policy, environmental law and policy, and all aspects of food and agricultural law, including labelling, recalls, biotechnology regulation, plant protection and animal health. He is well known in the food industry providing regulatory and legal advice to many Canadian and international food companies. Ron has taught administrative and constitutional law at Carleton University; and, is an adjunct professor at the University of Guelph, where he teaches food law and policy. He is also a prolific writer on public policy issues with over 90 articles in recent years, including the popular monthly column “Food Law” in Food in Canada magazine.

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